How Indoor Signage Can Integrate With Your Marketing Efforts

How Indoor Signage Can Integrate With Your Marketing Efforts

Indoor Signs

Indoor signs are great ways to enhance the ambiance of your business or event. These signs are used for indoor advertising, promoting your business, announcing new services, giving information about your company, collecting money, and more. There is a sign for just about everything you can imagine. Indoor signs are easy to place in any location. They are economical and can be printed on the spot with very little fuss.


Indoor signs come in all sorts of different materials, colors and sizes. The most popular indoor signs materials are Acrylic, PVC, Foam Core Ultralight, Satin, Posters, and Aluminum. Here is a quick list of some of the more common types of indoor signs:


Window Graphics – Indoor signs can display any type of advertisement you want to promote your business, service, or event. Here is a list of some popular types of window graphics that are perfect for indoor signs: vinyl lettering, window clings, wall graphics, etc… Wall Graphics is ideal if you want to get attention to large areas of your wall without having to use text. Here are a few ideas for indoor signage: photo puzzles, dart boards, chalkboards, magnets, puzzles, etc… Floor Graphics – Indoor signage is great for advertising promotions, showcasing new products, offering thank you gifts, selling additional products, or introducing new services.


Wayfinding Signage – All types of indoor signs are great as wayfinding signage for businesses, retail stores, restaurants, and more. A great way to get noticed by potential customers is with a unique wayfinding sign. These signs are great for all types of businesses, including: auto repair shops, home improvement stores, medical clinics, bars/night clubs, etc…


Indoor Signs Isn’t Just For Outdoor Applications Anymore – Indoor signs are as versatile and useful as they’ve always been. Wayfinding signage can be used indoors and outdoors. The most common application is for promotional purposes, but you can use indoor signs in many different settings. Some common places indoor signage is useful include: trade shows, hospitals, government buildings, educational facilities, corporate headquarters, hospitals, universities, etc… Retail stores can also find great uses for indoor signage, such as promoting their stores, introducing new products, offering thank you gifts, or simply to advertise specials and discount offers.


Indoor Signs Can Have a Combined Impact As Both Home And Outdoor Branding Systems! Branding combines with function to create an enduring impression in the minds of your customers. If your business has a strong presence both on the web and offline, it’s important that you incorporate a strong branding strategy in all aspects of your business. Whether you’re marketing online, via print advertisements, or you have full-blown storefront operations, your indoor signs should be a seamless part of your overall interior and exterior branding efforts. Indoor signage isn’t just for billboards anymore – it’s about bringing your brand up close and personal to all your customers, so why not include them in all your interactions with your customers?